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1 in 10 people will have a seizure.  1 in 17 Seniors will develop epilepsy.  Over 10,000 people in Nf. & Lab have epilepsy.

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Proclaim and Celebrate March 26th as Purple Day!


                                                 Left to right: Lisa Newhook, Bill Newhook, Purple Day Ambassador Evan Newhook,                              The Atkins family celebrate Purple Day with Mount Pearl Senior High!
                                                     MHA Kevin Pollard, Information Officer Gina Hartmann and Executive Director Gail Dempsey.

                                                      Front row, left to right: Jack Harris, MP,  Cassie Singleton, Purple Day                                  Gail Dempsey, Executive Director Epilepsy NL & 
                                                                       Ambassador,  Back: Susan Ryder, Information Officer Epilepsy NL,                                          President of CEA wearing Purple shoe laces!
               Gail Dempsey, Executive Director Epilepsy NL & President of CEA.                                                                                                                                             

                                       Above: Jack Harris, MP presents the proclamation to                       
               Cassie Singleton,  Purple Day Ambassador

                                                                 Above (Left to Right):  Cassie Singleton, Purple Day Ambassador, Susan Ryder                                 Mayor Otto Goulding, Town of Pasadena
                                                                      Information Officer Epilepsy NL and Dan Bobbett, Mayor of Paradise                                               proclaiming Purple Day with Tim Spicer                                  

Purple Day 2015 In The House Of Assembly

"I rise today in this hon. House to recognize Purple Day for Epilepsy in Newfoundland & Labrador. Purple Day presents an important opportunity to raise awareness, and reduce social stigma experienced by individuals who are affected by this condition. Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders in the world. It affects over 300,000 Canadians and more than 10,000 people here in Newfoundland and Labrador. Approximately one in every twenty-six people is expected to develop epilepsy in their lifetime. recently I was fortunate to hear the story of one creative young man who is raising awareness and fundraising for this cause in his community. Evan Newhook is an innovative and artistic nine-year-old boy living in Dildo. When he learned that his mother was diagnosed with epilepsy, he wanted to take action. Evan is an avid reader with a passion for art, which is how he came up with the idea to create his own bookmarks and sell them. All of the money he collects will be donated Epilepsy Newfoundland & Labrador. Evan has also motivated his school, Woodland Elementary, as well as employees of the TC Square Mall in Carbonear, to wear purple on this day. Evan's passion for this cause is truly inspiring and it has earned him his title as official Purple Day Ambassador this year. Evan's dedication is also echoed by the members of Epilepsy Newfoundland & Labrador, some of whom are joining us in the gallery today. For decades, their organization has provided support and information about epilepsy to individuals and families in our Province.                                                                             - Minister Steve Kent

"We are very happy to stand here today and talk about epilepsy.  Myself, the leader of the Oppositions, all of the caucus, and many
members on all sides of this House are happy to wear purple today to show our support and help raise awareness about epilepsy.  It is
important to raise awareness because of how it affects those living with epilepsy, and their family and friends.  We have about 10, 000 people
in our province today with epilepsy.  This is a huge portion.  It is the fourth most common neurological disorder and there is no known cure yet.
I am urging everyone today to get behind Purple Day and to help people understand epilepsy better and the people who live with it.
Hopefully, one day, through research, we will better understand it and a cure will be found."
                                                                - Andrew Parsons, MHA

"I , too am very happy and pleased to be standing here today wearing purple in solidarity with those living with epilepsy and their families. 
With 10,000 people in the province affected, it is obvious many of us have been touched by epilepsy in some manner, either within
our families or sometimes even in organizations we are a part of.  I congratulate Epilepsy Newfoundland and Labrador on the work
they do in that regard.  Today, I do encourage people not only to wear purple in support, but to also take the time to become more
aware of the issues surrounding the condition and to learn the appropriate first aid for seizures."
                                                           - Lorraine Michael, MHA

  & Updates

Mark Critch is a Newfoundland Comedian but did you know he has epilepsy too?
Click here to read his story!

Evan Newhook is this year's Purple day Ambassador! He's a local hero.
Click here to read his story!

Since 2009, Epilepsy NL along with Canadian Epilepsy Alliance have been working to have the government enforce mandatory drug shortage reporting. We are very proud to have been invited to this announcement, where Suzanne Nurse, chair of the Drug Shortages Committee for the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance spoke.
Click here to read more!

Landmark study reveals impacts of neurological conditions on Canadians
Honourable Rona Ambrose, Canada’s Minister of Health, announced the release of the study’s report,
Mapping Connections: An Understanding of Neurological Conditions in Canada.
Click here to open the Report, Click here to open the News Release.

Help Out The NHCC:  Join This Campaign By Writing A Letter To Your MP!
Click here to find out how!

Partake in a study to help create a better understanding of the public’s perception of surgery:
“The Impact of Knowledge Translation on Attitudes Towards Surgery Among People with Epilepsy: a Randomized Controlled Trial” is a study by Dr. Taufik A Valiante.
This study will assess the desire for surgery among people with epilepsy at the non-profit governmental epilepsy agencies and the impact of knowledge translation on their attitudes towards surgery. To understand this on a broader level and address the possible geographic effects on such interventions, Dr. Valiante would like to test all the provinces across the country. Him and his team believe the results of this study will help them effectively develop practical tools for knowledge translation to the public and the epilepsy community. If you wish to participate in Dr. Valiante’s study please take the survey below:

Click here to take the survey!

UPDATE:  Clobazam Supply - May 28th, 2014  
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Epilepsy NL Scholarship 2013-2014
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March 26th is Purple Day for Epilepsy
A positively purple celebration of global proportions.
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To Better Understand And Respond To Incidents Involving People Living With Epilepsy
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